Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Naughty New Year

Grey dull and boring, no not the weather but most of the the radio and TV I have listened and watched the last few days.  It's all as if everyone at the moment is going through the motions and not really putting any effort in.

I think what I am longing for is the cheeky daft shows I have enjoyed in the past, just grabbing a couple of examples - on TV The Big Breakfast (pre Richard Bacon) on radio the daftness of Adrian Juste who did a lot more than just [sic] play comedy records and of course the supreme funny man Kenny Everett.

There's clearly an appetite for less grey more brighter broadcasting in the UK.  On TV the stand-up comedians have taken the ratings by storm - I thought Michael McIntyre was quite brilliant with his Xmas Show, although we did try him on radio many years ago and he had trouble 'pulling back' his performance - but by the end of the week I had warmed to him both as a performer and as a person to work with.

So lets do something naughty, something fun are you with me?

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