Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Reports coming in

How not to report the news.  Heard a very poor piece of reporting today, the presenter set the piece up told us what the story was and then cued to the reporter who was at the scene. There was a pregnant pause and the reporter proceeded to repeat exactly what the presenter had just said - was she listening? I guess not.

She was at a busy venue, there was no colour - no description of what was happening and whether people were actively involved in the story.  The technical quality was poor she was shouting into the microphone and the gain was to high, all in all a textbook example of how not to do a roving reporter piece.

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Simon said...

So frustrating to hear this sort of thing when it should be completely avoidable with a little pro-active production. Did the cue need that much detail? Why get the presenter to explain the story when you've gone to the trouble of sending a reporter? So many cues are over-written - when in most cases a single line or two in to the correspondent should suffice.

As for the technical quality - if you're a one-man-band self-opping your programme that's one thing, but there should be no excuse for reporters who have spoken down the line to a producer and/or tech-op to still have overmodding mics when they go on air. Poor show all round!