Monday, 4 June 2012

I Cue

To script or not to script, that is question? Good radio shows have a sense of direction, structure and light and shade.  These elements are mostly created by the choice of music or topic/story.  So where and when do you script those elements?

I worked with Sandi Toksvig for several years, she had come from Radio 4 where all things must be scripted and there must be no surprises.  As a result of this she scripted everything and clung to those pieces of paper as if her life depended on it.

One day, just before the show was about to go to air, she pushed the print icon on her word document and the computer crashed.  She lost all her work; in the few minutes left before the show we managed to put together a few bullet points and a couple of background paragraphs.

As a result we had the best show ever and Sandi felt liberated.  She now had the confidence to dispense with her scripted performance and enjoy just being her natural self and the programme improved, became funnier and sharper as she had to think on her feet.

So scripts can help but if they stifle the performance make you sound unnatural and generally get in the way - then get rid of them. Use bullet points or a few ideas written into a running order, all you need is a little confidence.  

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