Monday, 9 July 2012

Voiceover Magic

So you  want to be a voiceover? Here are a few top tips:

·      Read out loud every day – anything and everything
    You don't really need to do those rather boring vocal exercises, the real thing is much better. 
·      Record your voice – use your phone your pc
Got a smart phone - you've got a high quality recording device.
·      Move emotions – put feeling and care into your practice
Understand the work, the emotion and the reason the script was written.
·      Play your work back, could you do better?
But don't beat yourself up - be constructive in your own criticism.
·      BUT don’t beat yourself up!
Did I mention don't beat yourself up, few voice-over artists are totally happy with their voice. 
·      Mimic ads on TV, Radio
Copy the real thing, use it but don't just steal it.
·      De-construct what you hear on TV and Radio
Lend a critical ear to what you hear and see.
·      Know your limitations!
At the same time understand what you are good at.

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