Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Jimmy Riddle?

Here's a first-hand insight on the peculiar world of Jimmy Savile.  I was working some years ago with Pete Murray, it was he and Jimmy that launched 'Top of the Pops' the iconic British hit parade show from the BBC that began life in a Church in Liverpool used as a TV studio.

Talking to Pete about those 'Top of the Pops' days he told me that Savile loathed the music but had learned by rote all of the popular music charts from their inception in the fifties.  Furthermore he had memorised the life and times of all the players and movers in the industry.  It was a cold and calculating almost cynical thing to do. Pete also said that Savile was always distant with him, not socialising with the crew and stars of the show.  It was behaviour that made Pete really dislike him. 

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