Sunday, 11 November 2012

F*ck The Lot Of You

Was how a presenter I was producing ended their show.  After a moment of horror I hit dump button on the delay and their remarks were removed from the airwaves.  Unfortunately for the station's internet audience they heard this unusual end to the show.

Who got into trouble?  Well as the Producer of the show 'the buck stops here' and I got my only verbal warning of my career for putting the presenter in the 'wrong frame of mind.'  Things have changed, responsibility is a word shunned by the media and the 'blame culture' rules.

I think George Entwistle was a poor DG of the BBC, not that he wasn't a erudite intelligent man, but that he failed to grasp the importance of his role as communicator and figurehead of the BBC and that he was responsible for the output so at least should watch and listen to the important parts of it.

Finally the 'buck stops here' arrived at George's desk and he did the right thing.  I hope that a less arrogant and more in touch DG will be his replacement.  the BBC has some big challenges ahead of it.  To survive it needs the trust of the audience who fund it.

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