Monday, 12 November 2012

Mind The Gap

Or the case of the missing Presenter.  One of the most important things is actually making an appearance on your own radio show.  I know what a tiresome business this can be, I mean you can easily fit a No 2 toilet break, sandwich, coffee and chat to Clare from sales between the start of the top of the hour stop set, news, ad break after the news and first (long) song after the ad break after the news.  I reckon you can be away from your own radio show for nearly 15 minutes every hour on the hour.

It's interesting this doesn't happen on UK Newstalk station LBC 97.3.  They take an early break before the hour to allow their hosts to carry on with the show and tease the next hour right up to the top of hour news.  Then straight after the news the Presenter is back on the air with an opener BEFORE the next ad set.

I wonder when does Nick Ferrari get a toilet break, eat a sandwich, drink some coffee and have a nice chat with Clare from sales? 

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