Friday, 30 November 2012

Sandi Toksvig does Dick

was a great success as a spoof radio panto of Dick Whittington so how did we follow Sandi's Dick the following year? The answer was - Sandi does Carol not only a spoof on the work by Mr Charles Dickens but a vehicle to explain that Sandi Toksvig was leaving LBC early the next year.

So we performed the whole thing live, had mics in the control room, where not only was I acting (badly) but firing in the effects on hot keys.  Take a listen on the Soundcloud clip below.

Goodbyes are often handled badly by radio managers, Danny Baker is a prime example. There are some great 'goodbyes' in the new book by John Myers 'Team It's Only Radio.' My own personal favourite, (not in the book)  was a manager who told a contract presenter that he 'just loved the show.' and thought that he could 'see a rosy future' for the presenter.  On the strength of this meeting the guy went out and bought a brand new car.  The following week the same presenter was taken into the managers office and told he was fired and that he had already done his last show!

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