Monday, 10 December 2012

All Done In The Best Possible Taste

'I'm going to press the tit' - 'I wish you were pressing mine' Camilla Parker-Bowles replied. #2DAYFM This was part of the recording we played on LBC back in 1993.  It was a private conversation made by Prince Charles to his (then) mistress, that had been secretly recorded. 

We were actively encouraged by the management to play the recording.  The Radio Authority were incandescent with rage and fined the station.  In a completely unconnected event, LBC* lost its licence to broadcast at the end of that year. 

There was an expectation by the management at that time to take risks.  In the end it was the owners who lost out when the licence was taken away from the station.  I wonder if at the end of this tragic affair at 2-DAY FM something politically similar might just happen to Southern Cross Austereo? *London Broadcasting Company Ltd.

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