Sunday, 30 December 2012

You can't see the strings

Her Ladyship was just 4 foot tall and smelled bad. I have to say it was an honour to meet Lady Penelope, and actually I thought she would be much smaller in real life.  Her faithful butler Parker was looking the worse for wear with his mouth half open in a drunken scowl.  We were told that the mechanism that made his mouth move was leather and the leather had rotted, poor old Parker.

As a child I was in awe of Thunderbirds, most children's programmes in the late sixties had compromised production values and were shoddily put together, but these shows were different.  Fast forward to last week when I caught Thunderbirds again on the TV and I was amazed just how good the show stood up against the world of HD and CGI.

Radio shows are a different matter, there are no sets, lights or cameras and it's easy to produce quite a shoddy show and get away with it.  I have done my share of truly awful shows, but equally I have put time effort and love into other shows and they shine out and I can remember them well.

It's worth putting a little extra in everything you do as a Producer, take the time to look the fact up, make the Production a lot better by finding just the right sound effect.  Read the book that the book guest has written. Take the time to get the edit right.  One day you will look back and realise that they were your best shows, you might also be quite annoyed that you never kept copies of them, but then radio is the ethereal medium.  RIP Gerry Anderson

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