Thursday, 24 January 2013

FREE Radio Imaging

There's loads of #free #radioimaging stuff out there.  Companies hungry for your business will tempt you with all sorts of downloadable goodies.  Here are just three offering production beds, SFX elements and more.
Air Media
A small company in Halifax (UK) that offers production music, news beds, travel and SFX elements. They currently allow you to download their SFX elements for FREE.  You can buy their whole library in January for just £85.00  If you ignore the rather irritating sales voice across the demos, the actual musical compositions are pretty good.  Find out more click here  
Radio Jingles VIP
No contact info base for this company, but again they offer some useful free elements, some quite bad celeb drops where the station endorsed by the star is, er chopped off. They also quite like the word awesome. Find out more click here
Music Radio Creative
A company run by Mike Russell - you can't get to hear what you are going to get without liking MRC on Facebook or Google+ or subscribe to Mike's Newsletter - that's good marketing, and again MRC offers a number of 'jingles' rather than production elements, so if you are still after the singing jingle, Mike would be your first port of call. (He also does some nifty Audition Training on You Tube, see my Blog Page for more) Find out more about Music Radio Creative click here

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