Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Serves You Right

Why John Lewis @johnlewisretail is a High Street star? And what the radio industry can learn from their business model. I bought a TV from John Lewis last year.  I didn't intend to buy from the store, I had been looking on Google for the best deal for a Samsung TV.  Suddenly in the corner there was a John Lewis banner ad with the very TV I was looking for, they would price match their competitor and offer a 5 year guarantee and throw in two active 3D Glasses and a BluRay 3D film for free.

So I bought the TV online from John Lewis, I received emails telling me exactly when it would arrive, one phone-call and a text on the day.  When the TV arrived at the door just a few days later  I was addressed as 'sir' and the deliverer offered to unpack the TV and asked me to fill in a customer satisfaction survey.

From that experience I am a John Lewis convert.  I wonder how many others JL converted in the same way?

OK so here are some things they do that make them stand out from the competition.  When they advertise they think multi-channel and they use social media to compliment their campaigns.

Listeners consume radio in a multi-channel way.  Listeners don't care by what means they listen but if the content is relevant to them, they listen by whatever carriage. The industry should put as much effort behind the scenes to make it easy for them to listen on any platform from FM to Android Apps.

John Lewis have had online clearance sales twice a year for 10 years now and have a customer email base that they actively engage in.

Again the radio industry should work hard on getting listeners to engage, offer content on their websites that draw traffic and create another revenue source outside spot and sponsorship. As an example the superb snow pictures on LBC973  that compliment the output with being radio or audio based.

John Lewis are confident that they offer the best customer experience.  They have very good Wi-Fi in their stores, so it is easy to go online in store and price match.

The radio industry in the UK should be confident in their programming.  Nothing worse than a PD that says 'Let's try and sound a bit like Radio 2.'  ugh!

If you want to read more about John Lewis and their online attitude to sales click here.

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