Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Everyone's A Winner

Michael Winner a nightmare LBC973 guest.  A bully and one of the rudest people I have ever met and he made really poor films.  So I was surprised that he was being called a 'national treasure' following his death yesterday.

My first encounter with Michael was when he shouted down the LBC corridor "When the f*ck am I going to be on?" I told him right now, with that he took that massive stinking Montecristo cigar he was always smoking from his mouth and dropped it on the brand new carpet that had just been fitted the day before and then ground the burning cheroot into the pile leaving a burn hole through to the floor.

Encounter number two was when Pete Murray's Programme Assistant came running into the control room shouting - "He's gone!"

"Who's gone?"

"Michael Winner , he says he's been waiting for twenty minutes and he's leaving right now."

As luck would have it the news had just come on and I dispatched Pete to chase after the film mogul and bring him back.

As for his films, Pete Murray starred in what he described as one of the worst films ever made - "The Cool Mikado" at some point in the film Pete had to sing about Coventry and I believe Michael had the idea of involving Pete singing in a lions cage.  "Don't worry Pete, we've drugged the lion, you'll be perfectly safe." Winner told Murray.  Pete jumped into the cage, the lion woke up from his slumber and made a swipe at Pete who promptly jumped out of the cage.  "I thought you said he was f*cking drugged." said Pete.  "Maybe he was just asleep then." replied Winner.

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