Monday, 21 January 2013

Going For Gold

without the aid of drugs Lance Armstrong style!  It's getting close to the Sony Award entry date, here are a few top tips for your winning entry.
1) Make sure you get the right category of award for your entry, or the entry that fits your audio the closest.
2) Stick your best material first, judges might only listen for the first few minutes - so grab their attention.
3) Do something unexpected, include something that contains insight, humour and pathos, your audio should be extraordinary not ordinary.
4) You don't have to stick to the maximum time for the entry, if they ask for 30 mins and you've got 21 mins of great material DO NOT PAD IT OUT to 30mins with crap.
5) No introductions or other cheesy links, judges aren't stupid - just use strong audio to grab attention and lead the narrative.
6) Speaking of narrative - tell a story with your audio. Have a beginning, middle and end.
7) Use the write up to add supporting evidence - RAJAR figures etc.  DO NOT use the write up to spout a load of superlatives about your show/talent- that's one big turn-off.
8) Get others, non-radio people, to listen to your entry.  Avoid letting the talent listen unless they really want to, also avoid their contributions to the process.
9) Then you MUST self-edit 'chuck out the chintz' - the audio that does not drive the narrative along - OK you can't always edit unless you telescope - but telescope - do not be afraid to be bold.  If in doubt call the Academy - we have done on many occasions and they are very helpful.
10) Check everything - has the audio uploaded? Are there any spelling mistakes in the submission? Is there anything else I can cut out of the write-up or audio that is not needed?

Finally a word from my dear friend Paul Sylvester who has won Absolute Radio  plenty of awards. "Sony's are for the full year not just for January."  You can listen to more of his advice at The Radio Academy - click here to listen

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