Friday, 18 January 2013

Free Sh*t

Bags of free poo to win. The finest blended Horse sh*t in a bag was once offered to me as a possible prize on our gardening phone-in. A well-known fertiliser company had contacted me offering the prize.

'OK' I said so long as you can deliver it to the winners.  They agreed and our presenter Therese Birch did an editorial feature where we just happened to mention the name of the company a few times.  'Now' she said 'I have 20 FREE bags to give away.'

I really didn't expect much interest but by the time the 10 second delay had gone, ALL the phone lines were ringing.  It then dawned on me that we were actually giving away sh*t and because it was FREE sh*t listeners were calling in their droves.

SO don't bother with £30,000 mystery voices cash or Caribbean holidays - just give away sh*t - remember to say the word 'FREE' first though!

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