Thursday, 7 February 2013

Rowling #Fail

 J K? 'Nobody knows who you are!' I said taking an unknown children's author into the studio.  @jk_rowling She had just written her first book, some rubbish about magic and a boy with specs. We will call you Joanna - that is your name, isn't it? That will never sell - I thought.

'As Big as WH Smith? I laughed. ' I don't think people want to buy books on-line' - me to Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon.

It is easy to misjudge people, dismiss their genuine talent and enthusiasm.  History is littered with bad judgement - the man from Decca who told The Beatles that groups were on the way out.  The vanity of Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was stitched into his clothes to make himself look dapper - who might have been saved if surgeons could have released him from his uniform in time and maybe the First World War would not have happened?

So the next time someone from your programming team comes up to you with an idea or a passion to do something, don't be too quick to judge them. 

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