Saturday, 15 June 2013

Off the road

Or the time that #LBC973 radio slightly cocked up the Motor Show sponsorship.  Speaking of cars, we had a company car then.  It was a contra-deal originally for us to both work at breakfast without LBC having to pay for cabs from Essex. (Union requirement)  I remember us both going to what was billed as an exciting sponsorship meeting.

When we walked in it was just the boss; he turned to us and said -  "I'm taking your car away from you!"  We asked when did he want us to return it. "Now!"  "Give me the keys - you can get the train home tonight." So we pushed the keys over to him and told him it was in the car park.

Then 'Sharon' from sales turned up, "I ave some excitin news" she said.  "Got a really good sponsorship deal next week wiv the Mota Show, that's the yearly car show at Earls Court, you know?"

I remember saying that I had heard of it, but did she know that this year it was coming from the N.E.C. in Birmingham?

"Oh fuck!"she replied.

The boss turned to us and said, "Well you and Therese (the Presenter) will just have to drive up there then won't you?"

"But you've taken away the car"

With that he shoved the keys laying on his desk back to us and said.  "I'll let you keep the car for another week then."  In the next blog I will tell you about a Brummie landlady from hell and a free can of lager.  

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