Wednesday, 17 July 2013

1 is FUN

It was Saint #DeliaSmith who espoused that - 'one could be fun' in her epitome on cooking alone.  I think the miserable experience of sitting down on your own to a plate of macaroni cheese you spent two hours creating would be quickly followed by a call to either the Samaritans or LBC - both offer pretty much the same kind of cathartic experience.

But enough of St Delia  - because in the medium of radio it really is only an audience of one.  Once you have mastered the fact that radio is listened to by one person at a time - you are on the road to broadcast greatness.

Intimate and immediate, radio has never up to now had an equal for that direct friendly path to your private life.  Until NOW because those naughty 'children' with their 9 million hits on YouTube are doing a very similar kind of broadcasting, it's intimate - why are they always in their bedrooms? They are one-to-one directly talking to a single member of their pier group. But if I hear another of them begin their YouTube vid with 'Hey what's up dude?' I will go round and set fire to their Marvel comic character duvet.

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