Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dare To Take Risks

and be first to break #Thatcher resignation. 1990 and the knives were out for Maggie, her feral cabinet had turned on her and I was in the middle of Producing Pete Murray when my Editor rushed into the control room.  "She's resigned." said Simon Allchorn.

"Who has resigned?"

"Maggie, she's gone, I have just had a tip of from my friend in Downing Street."

So the next question - do we run the story?  Not collaborated just a reliable friend? What would the BBC do? I think the answer would be to wait until Reuters or P.A. gave them a second source to confirm the story.  It's one of those moments when you think f*ck what should WE do?

"Is your source reliable." I asked Simon.

"Yes." he replied.

"OK go in right now interrupt Pete." I said.

You can listen on my blog or on Soundcloud as to what happened next." 

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