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Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Touch Of #Frost

Or the day that David Frost stole my chair.  It was 2005 and LBC radio had decided to get David Frost to front their election coverage.  Although now an old man he still knew how to play an audience and deliver a compelling show.

There was a meeting in the week before he presented the show.  I arrived at work to find my chair missing and David Frost sitting on it in the middle of the newsroom.  I 'borrowed' another chair from a vacant desk and got on with my work.

The meeting, I think was with Frost and Scott Solder and a number of other people involved in the show including Chris Lowrie and Paul Sylvester.  I remember listening to Scott's opening gambit "This show will feature the party leaders, we will have journalists in strategic places around the UK, and we have booked some of the top commentators... David?'

'Will there be a cheeseboard?' was David's reply.

'Er yes.' replied Scott, 'We have got proper catering for the night and there will be the Chardonnay that you requested."

'Oaked, I hope I am not at all keen on those New World un-oaked wines.'

And I am afraid at that point that's when I went off to Produce my show.. I think I was privileged to witness a man who knew exactly what he would do on the night and only really had to worry whether or not the catering would be alright on the night.  RIP David Frost.

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