Friday, 29 November 2013

It's in The #MixRadio

@nokia_UK have launched a music service with over 26 million songs available to stream for FREE.  Using a TiVo type thumbs up and down you can personalise the music you listen to.  There are also a bunch of playlists created by the likes of Nile 'Get Lucky' Rogers you can listen to.

So is this another nail in the coffin of traditional music radio?  Well I have just spent 11 very sunny warm days in the Canaries enjoying Telefonica's idea of broadband and 3G - I had enough trouble reading my email - so streaming even on WiFi was pretty much a no-go, without traditional FM broadcast radio my holiday would have been radio free.

BUT with the push for 4G that mobile operators are selling as a network that can stream - services like Nokia's MixRadio are surely going to take a slice of the market away from traditional radio?

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Jonnie said...

Well It's getting hard for me to remember when I last tuned into FM in the car or at home. In the car it's Bluetooth. I'm on '3' and normally listen to one of the London stations more often than not LBC. I use the Global app and it just works. I share a friends premium Spotify at the Gym - and when I'm having a shower or cleaning the kitchen it's either streamed Bluetooth of Radio 4 or 3 or whatever I choose with my compact Bose Soundlink. I'm in the 50+ bracket, though currently surrounded by 20 year old staying with us for Panto and most of them just stream Spotify or similar. Mobile streaming and the revolution in streaming websites will change the face of radio as we know it within a short timeframe.