Thursday, 30 January 2014

LBC is now Leading Britain's Conversation

LBC goes from local to national

LBC radio goes national.  From 11th February LBC will start broadcasting nationally on DAB, using the D1 channel recently vacated by Jazz FM.  After forty years the late Sir Christopher Chataway’s dream of having national commercial news talk radio has been realised, sadly just a week after his death.

LBC had been available on a number of regional DAB services and that service was removed in 2012, prompting social media anger among the UK listeners that had been enjoying the service:

“I heard the terrible news that just a few days ago LBC has been pulled from several parts of the UK on DAB.

My parents who are avid listeners to LBC, listened daily in fact every room within their house had a DAB radio that was tuned only to LBC.

Every station on FM and DAB is either music or sports oriented; in fact 70% of the stations in Lincolnshire is aimed towards the older listener. I've been reading through several website forums, which are filled with angry, upset and confused LBC listeners across towns and cities up North with utter disbelief.

Twitter and Facebook have again many comments and questions aimed asking why LBC has gone, yet they haven't even had the balls to reply with the fact LBC will not be coming back”  -

Orangeandlemon – Digital Spy

Well at least one listener and his family will be pleased at the news that LBC goes national on DAB.

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