Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Creative Space

we all need it here are some pics of awesome work spaces.  So why is the space we work in so very important.? Well I have just moved studios the big back bedroom in our house was the studio, spacious and quiet, now I am in a tiny box room at the front trying to make it work as a space, I am about half-way there.

My good colleague Steve Blacknell a fellow voiceover artist cannot work from home, he told me the other day. "I can't get the buzz or the performance at home, I need to be in a studio in London with real people directing me."

I know how he feels, however convenient my little voice booth is here at home, it's not the same discipline as being shoved in a booth in a Soho studio.  That doesn't mean with the right frame of mind you can't create a decent performance.

The key is to make the space apart from the house, make it a place that you go to work in.  Dear Darling Sandi Toksvig who has written a clutch of best sellers, toddles off to a shed at the bottom of her garden - a space away from the kids.

So why not take a few ideas from Google and the rest and make your space somewhere different and creative. Below Dr Who storage, Epic office reception - a mock tube train.  Google and their slide, Groupon and their TV set like space.

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