Tuesday, 25 March 2014

4 ears good 2 ears bad

How did #Shakespeare write all that stuff on his own? I find it really hard to come up with creative content on my own, I need help with ideas and I need guidance and more importantly another pair of ears to listen to what I am doing.  It's my guess that Shakespeare had some help, I doubt it was from his country-bumpkin wife Anne Hathaway to whom he only left his second-best bed to in his will.

Many of Shakespeare's fellow writers like Christopher Marlowe, Ben Jonson et al, all had help with the creative process.  It's true that many of your good ideas come from within, often when you are doing some unrelated mundane task - something to do with the sensible front lobe of your brain busying itself with day-to-day organising, allowing the creative back lobe come up with ideas uninterrupted.

So I am lucky to have people to play my stuff to who offer constructive advice and help me edit my work .. and I always listen to what they have to say … it's all part of the creative process. 

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