Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Humble Pie

BLOG ALERT How #radio can change the world. It was with some trepidation I made my way to our local community radio station this morning, I have come into contact with people from these micro-local radio stations.  Some are just doing it for an ego trip, cherry picking the best shows for themselves and letting the odd volunteer host the graveyard shift, whilst others truly want to create powerful local radio for the whole community.

So what a refreshing and inspiring discovery that 'Chelmsford Community Radio' falls very much into the latter category.  The station has studios in the creaky old Moulsham Mill, that is 'full of ghosts who conspire to take the station off air.'  So says Matt Eaves the enthusastic 'boss' of the station.

CCR currently streams on the internet and has plans to apply for an Ofcom licence. When I arrived part-time actor and footy fan James House was presenting his Tuesday show whilst in the Production Studio, Scott, Greg and Carl were setting up their Wednesday show.

Sounds [sic] all very pedestrian until you realise that James uses a wheel chair and I am told by Matt that Scott and Greg have the co-ordination and speech disorder dyspraxia.  Talking to the guys I found they were carefully structuring their show, picking music, sorting the links out, doing stuff in the same way and with the same values as the 'professionals.'

Everyone at CCR is full of enthusiasm and passion, this is a 'good thing' and was happening right on my doorstep.

I have taken a listen to the station, it is raw, it is fun, the presenters are enjoying themselves and as each week passes they are sounding more confident. I truly hope that Ofcom allows CCR to broadcast in what is the very birthplace of radio - the city of Chelmsford.   (Picture Scott, Greg and Carl on air, credit Twitter)

To listen just search Chelmsford Community Radio on your TuneIn app.

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