Tuesday, 15 April 2014

#Creative #Manure

Found myself trying to explain C.O.P.E. - create once, publish everywhere.  Something that I try very hard to achieve when I create my blog on Blogger it then turns the first bit into a Tweet, shoves that out on Facebook, I tried to link my Tumblr, Pinterest, Buzzfeed and WordPress accounts as well, that didn't work very well though.

So back to a great analogy for C.O.P.E. See the stuff you create as great steaming pile of manure now spread it around the garden to help all the flowers and plants grow.  That's kind of what you do, with, in my case, my blog being the smelliest and biggest pile of the lot.

OK so some of this stuff doesn't translate very well to more visual social media like Pinterest and Buzzfeed, but you can visualise this content and link back to the original blog.  So lets hear it for social manure - I hope you spread some of your own around real soon.

Here's a really interesting example of COPE from Dennis Publishing click here for more

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