Friday, 4 April 2014

Brucie steps down

Bruce Forsyth gets canned by the #BBC.  When Bruce had the same thing happen to him on ITV in I think 2002.  Bruce had to attend, what he thought was just another meeting at the ITV Network Centre, that was in ITN Headquarters in Grays Inn Road.  The Network centre was on the 5th floor I believe and Bruce jumped into the lift with LBC's Chris Lowrie, now LBC's studios were in the basement, or the lower atrium as ITN liked to call it.

"Am I going in the right direction for the ITV Network Centre?" - asked Bruce to Chris.  I am afraid Chris couldn't help himself and said. "No Bruce you want to go higher, higher." (and did the hand actions)

"Aw gawd I suppose I asked for that." Bruce said mercifully laughing.

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