Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Pile of Poo

One of my favourite callers on LBC told the story of how he had ordered a great pile of manure for his allotment. When the stinking pile arrived, he spread it around his fruit and veg, but had some left.  Not wishing to waste the steaming excrement he decided he would take some back home for his roses.

But how to pop a pile of poo in the back of your car without stinking the vehicle out?  He suddenly remembered he had an old suitcase at home and brought that to the allotment, filled the case up with the dung and put it in the boot of the car.

Arriving home he took the suitcase out and left it on the pavement as he went up the steps to unlock his front door.  In that instant a 'youth' came running past, grabbed the suitcase and disappeared off into the distance.

He told @LBC that he wished he had seen the guys face, when he thought he was about to open a holiday suitcase full of duty free and expensive belongings, when actually the case was literally full of shit!

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