Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Blog Alert Dora Bryan RIP

I just loved Britain's favourite old trouper Dora Bryan who sadly died today, back in the 1990s she was busy acting and running a hotel in Brighton. I once invited her on to to LBC as a guest to plug something or other.

"I'll come for forty pounds and I shall travel by train to London first class and you will pay for that as well."  I remember asking my Editor to clear her expenses.  "First class!" he said as if this was the most decadent thing a celeb had demanded since Ertha Kitt wanted a dozen red roses in her dressing room.  (When we explained the radio station didn't have a dressing room Ertha's reply according to her P.A. was. "Well I'm still having the f*cking roses, if you want me.")  

Anyway Dora duly arrived and she was worth every penny of that first class fare and my precious £40 budget.  I remember Chris Lowrie sneaking into the live studio with a cup of tea for Pete (the presenter) and Dora mid question, stopped and turned to Chris saying "Ooooooh two sugars in mine love and make it a strong one." 

Bless you Dora, rest in peace.


Jonnie said...
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Jonnie said...

Lovely lady who visited us with Tony Hardman, also sadly departed. I recall some latter day bizarre stories regarding her inadvertently opening her car door on a motorway and her dogs getting run over! A great loss and very amusing and talented actress