Friday, 1 August 2014

10 things for great #radio interviews

and always preparation is everything.  Here are some 10 tips:

1: Find out about your subject most people have some kind of internet footprint.  Also ask yourself what you want from the interview and what questions you need to ask to get what you want?

2: At the interview a bit of chit chat helps you both establish a rapport.  Give them an idea of the area you will be interviewing them about, how many questions and how long the interview will be.

3: Get the microphone close to them, do not interview in an adversarial position you are better sitting beside your victim that way it doesn't appear that you are shoving a mic in their face but you can still get close.

4: What, who, where, when, why and how are the key words to start your questions.  Avoid closed questions - the ones that get you just a yes or no.

5: Listen, your guest might actually have answered your next question and you sound a pratt asking it and getting the answer, 'well as I have already said.'

6: Noddy but no Big Ears, nod encouragement rather than say 'yes' or 'ah huh'

7: I always get my guest to say on the recording who they are and the title they hold, that way, fewer mistakes.

8. Shake rattle and roll: Hold the mic steady clamp the lead between your hand and the body of the mic, and remember to return the mic back to you if you want to keep your questions in.

9.  Take Two: If you think that you haven't got what you want from your interviewee - don't be afraid to ask the questions again, help them by telling them what you would like them to say. (This doesn't mean putting words in their mouth)

10. Before you go, check the interview has recorded.

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