Saturday, 2 August 2014

BLOG ALERT #Radio1 DJ Mike Smith dies,

when I was just a kid one afternoon my Aunt took me to a rusty caravan sitting on the grass in front of St John's Hospital in Chelmsford.  This was hospital radio Chelmsford and it was that afternoon that I began my love affair with radio.  And I am indebited to the DJ who was 'on the air' in that rusty caravan playing music for the patients of the hospitals around Chelmsford, his name was Mike Smith and he told me one day he hoped to work in professional radio.  On that afternoon he showed me how to cue up a record and how to do a link between two records… for a 12-year-old boy it was exciting stuff.

Skip forward a few years to a time when I had joined the same Hospital Radio Station and had to do my very first interview with, you guessed it the presenter of Capital Radio's breakfast show - Mike Smith.  I was so nervous that the hand that I was holding the microphone in was shaking quite violently.  Mike put me at ease and helped me by suggesting questions I could ask him.

A great and kind man and a loss to our radio world.  R.I.P. Mike Smith.

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