Friday, 22 August 2014

Blog Alert Head in the Clouds

 how virtual #radio will change the world of #broadcasting.  The #BBC has recently started to fit out BBC local radio stations with virtual studios.  All the audio handled at one central server.  Gone will be those cumbersome rack rooms and studios full of equipment, in their place a sleek small mixer and a few computer screens.

I do wonder if a real-estate sale might ensue as technology allows BBC local radio to broadcast from pretty much anywhere, providing the environment can be made sound-proofed.  It will be interesting to see whether they create pop-up studios like StudioBricks can create out of what appear to be large audio lego bricks that slot together to make a radio studio anywhere?

I have been pretty disappointed by the cloud based radio automation systems but new players [sic] are emerging in that field every few months, one company RadioJar seems to offer a pretty professional solution that is also aimed at the streaming radio community.  Scheduling, commercial traffic, collegiate working and social-media friendly automation that sits up in the cloud, and also allows you to use sexy Macs in your studio rather than clunky - built for office workers - p.c. technology.

I know I am a bit Apple biased, probably ever since one night on Classic FM the wretched p.c. based operating system fell over and I was left playing CD's for half-an-hour whilst a Global Radio engineer tried to kick the play out system back into life.

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