Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Blog Alert worst #radio ad words ever

what happens to copywriters when they start writing commercials for radio ? They seem to lose the good sense they were born with.  There is this strange language that only ad men talk that bears no relation to real life.  Here is my Top 10 of the copy lines or scenarios that I really, really hate.

10.  What was that number again?

09.  Two people talking with fake excitement about the product

08.  'Plus' and 'many more'

07.  Anything that is described as 'exciting' (cos it probably isn't)

06.  Bogoff (and the don't be rude reaction)

05. That's right

04. Open seven days including Sundays

03. It's the sale you've been waiting for (no I haven't)

02. Badly sung jingles with only one or two singers over dubbed to hell

01. Mr Shouty man (do you think I will buy something from a bloke who shouts at me whilst I am having breakfast)  or Mrs Wheezy Woman (who supposed to sound like a slut but sounds like she has bad asthma)

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