Friday, 23 January 2015

#BLOG ALERT Topless Darts

..or where do great ideas come from.  Very rarely do you actually have that 'Eureka moment' when suddenly the best content idea for your Podcast or YouTube show comes to you like Archimedes when he jumped naked out of his bath.

Ideas develop and take their time to mature, sometimes though desperation can play a role.  Nick Ferrari, before he took the mantle of LBC Breakfast show host worked for Live TV a TV channel famous for hiring a diminutive Rusty Goff as a Britain's bounciest weatherman who at 4'2" required a trampette to reach Scotland.

Run by former Sun Editor - Kelvin MacKenzie Live TV produced some very unusual shows, including the arts show "Painted Ladies" where two naked ladies would role around on the floor covered in paint, this series came to a premature end when The Early Learning Centre banned Live TV from purchasing their non-toxic children's paint that was used to daub the naked ladies in.

Even more famous was the idea of Topless Darts an idea that Nick Ferrari had.  But how did he think up such an infamous idea?  To be frank the day it happened, Nick should have been at a top level Editorial meeting with Kelvin MacKenzie.

Nick was actually in a local pub enjoying a pint or two when Kelvin stormed in. "Where the f*ck have you been." Kelvin said to Nick.  "And where's your idea for a new Live TV show?"  Nick who had forgotten about the meeting and the ideas, and trying not to sound too flustered turned to Kelvin and said; "Oh I was busy dreaming up the most brilliant idea for a TV show ever." 

"Well what is it then?" barked Kelvin.

Nick in full panic mode, as he didn't have a single idea in his head, glanced nervously around the bar where his saw in one corner, a couple of guys playing darts.  "Er my idea is for, darts, er topless darts.. yes naked women playing darts."

"Brilliant" said Kelvin "The best idea you have ever had Nick."  And the rest is history. What we can learn from Nick's Eureka moment is that you can take a simple everyday event in your daily life and turn it into great or maybe infamous, show material.

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