Wednesday, 1 April 2015

#Blog Alert Thunderbirds Are Go

When I met her Ladyship she was just 4 foot tall and had the aroma of rotting flesh and electrical burning. But her eyes were still burning bright blue. I thought she would be smaller, but it was still an honour to meet Lady Penelope.  Her faithful butler Parker was looking very much the worse for wear with his mouth half open in a drunken scowl.  We were told that the mechanism that made his mouth move was leather and the leather had rotted, poor old Parker.

As a child I was in awe of Thunderbirds, most children's programmes in the late sixties were a shoddy affair, that even in black and white and just 405 lines, you could tell had a budget set at about 1/6d (One and sixpence)

Thunderbirds was different it was all bright and shiny and to my delight when we finally got a colour TV in 1973, was made in colour.  It has a warm cosy Saturday afternoon place in my heart, almost ruined when I watched the live-action film version.  I have to agree with Thunderbirds creator, the late Gerry Anderson that it was "the biggest load of crap ever made."

So will the new re-booted TV show be better? I have high hopes, last week I met the 'Thunderbirds Are Go' Animation Voice and Casting Director - Dave Peacock a truly gifted, funny and passionate man.  When he started working on the new series he had no idea of the provenance of the show. A show that still has an active fan base that could give the Dr Who lot a run for their money.

When he was questioned about 'Thunderbirds Are Go,' he let out a massive sigh and told us that "I was so relieved when we saw the first finished episode and I realised we had made some good if not great stuff."

So tune in for some great stuff this Saturday at 5pm (UK) on ITV -  because 'Thunderbirds Are Go.'

Dave Peacock appeared at The UK Voice Over Network Animation event hosted by the wonderful Rachel Naylor

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