Friday, 3 April 2015

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 audio culture is taking off,  to get your drama produced and played at the BBC you had to first, well probably have gone to the right university (Oxford or Cambridge - either will do) and kiss a lot of arse at the Beeb to get in and further kiss more senior arse to  be part of the inner sanctum of that fine broadcasting establishment.

Now apps like A.Cast and AudioBoom allow you to leapfrog over that billion pound edifice that is New Broadcasting House, and do your own thing, become popular, create, produce and perform your own audio drama.

The genre has blossomed in America, with investigative doco-dramas like 'Serial'  or 'The Truth' or 'This American Life.' These are Podcasts bristling with quality writing and great stories and large audiences.

And let's take a look at the audio drama  here in the UK. Only 10% of the audience listening to BBC Radio drama is under 35.  The average drama listener is 57 years old.* That creates a terrific opportunity for you to create something young and new and target an audience demographic that the BBC is failing to reach.

It's happening in America, wouldn't it be great to see it happen here.

(*BBC research - Financial Times 2015)


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