Wednesday, 22 April 2015

#Blog alert Only The Queen Can Say We

One of the most important things I teach to radio presenters, and the same goes for anyone making a Podcast is, only Her Majesty the Queen can say we, when she means I.  For example "We are not amused." that's cool coming from the Queen, but when you say.  "We are talking today about the price of fish." By saying 'we' you abdicate your personal responsibility and ownership of a story.

Sure if you have a room full of presenters (ugh) by all means say we, and if you are talking about the radio station then again feel free to use we.

I do believe that there is a little safety catch inside some people's heads - that says to your inner self - 'as long as we say we, we do not have to take responsibility for anything 'we' say.

I also believe with a passion that talking in the the first person, saying I and you (the listener singular) is what radio and podcasting is all about.

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