Tuesday, 21 April 2015

#Blog Alert Is the @irig pro the answer to a podcasters dreams?

I have been very impressed by the iRig Pro a very small and compact digital interface that you can connect either a dynamic or 48v powered condenser microphone.  This clever little box works with the iRig recorder app using the lightning or older Apple connecting lead.

You can trim and make simple edits after you have recorded your audio.  You could use it to record your Podcast and then send it via email or Soundcloud to your computer for some final polishing and the adding of imaging, production music and so on.

You can even use the built in effects and processing that comes with the purchased version of iRig Recorder.

The bottom line of course is the cost.  In the UK around £92 and $118 in the USA.  If you want to hear what the interface and recorder sound like, download the AudioBoom Podcast here

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