Tuesday, 21 April 2015

#Blog Alert Studio or Comfy Chair to Podcast from

the answer is probably both, but it depends on the type of Podcast you are trying to record.  With a single presented Podcast - with occasional Skype or Facetime interviews, you are better off in a smaller space that you have sound treated, with soft furnishings and if possible some foam acoustic tiles.

Tiles are cheap to buy, lightweight and easy to put up temporarily onto a sheet of mdf or permanently by sticking directly to a wall.

Traditional acoustic treatment usually involved RW3 a slab-based Rockwool but you need to have more construction skills and the product is quite heavy and an irritant to skin.

If you are producing a Podcast with a couple of guests, first of all try not to have more than 3 people total in a discussion otherwise it gets confusing for the listener.  Go for a comfy chair, plenty of soft furnishings and gather everyone around a single good quality omnidirectional microphone.

If you have the technical skills the very best and most professional way would be to have everyone on an individual microphone, connected to a mixer and then record to your computer, but you can get fairly good results just by finding a nice quiet room full of soft furnishings.

You can still opt to temporarily hang some of those acoustic tiles on the wall - they will really help with the intelligibility and clarity of your Podcast.  Next time I will be talking about what the Queen of England has to do with making great Podcasts.   You can hear the audio version of this Podcast and much more by downloading the AudioBoom app and subscribing to creativeradio (all one word)

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