Monday, 20 April 2015

#Blog alert Free Podcast Music

 So where do I get some free music for my Podcast? Firstly don't be fooled by the words 'free music'
most resources for music on the Internet describe themselves as 'Free' or  'Royalty Free' that can still mean you have to pay a fee to use the music.

Or the music is described as free but has a Creative Commons licence that does not allow commercial use.  If your Podcast is home-made or non-commercial, although I have always been a bit confused just exactly what non-commercial means?  I believe in essence if you intend to make or are making money from something then it is commercial. If not it is non-commercial.  So there are two different types of Podsafe music.  Royalty Free- you paid a fee and have a right to use.  Creative Commons non-commercial use, no fee and you do not make money from your Podcast.

You could have a listen to the music at there are about 6,000 tracks of music that are 'attribution, attribution share alike, attribution no derivatives only', that can be used for commercial use.  Some of it is OK but you will need to plough through an awful lot to extract the wheat from the chaff.

I use music from they offer a yearly licence (About £60) for world-wide rights in perpetuity and all the work is licensed for commercial use.

Can I use copyrighted music on my Podcast?  Well in most countries the answer is - not without paying someone for the right to use it, either the publisher directly or a Performing Rights Society and possibly a mechanical copyright body.

'Fair use' is a term that can vary from country to country.  Generally if you use music for educational use and non-profit use you can sometimes use copyright music.  Some copyrighted music allows for fair use in its licence.  The amount in time that you use the music can also have a bearing on whether that is fair use, but that isn't always the case.  Affect, what affect your use might have on the copyright owner, but again that isn't always the case.

My advice is to pay a small fee for royalty free music and effects, knowing that you are on the right side of the law and the artists and composers you use, get paid for their job.  My top tip look for sites like that charge a blanket fee for unlimited use.  The pay per second or pay per track sites will be more expensive with an average Podcast use of between £50 and £100.

If you have come across good Podcast Safe music do drop me an email at Creative Radio dot com, contact us.

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