Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Who are you?

So you want your listener to remember your name? Remember the station they are listening to? The trouble is, listeners are a feckless lot - they are going about their busy lives and for some reason or other do not give 100% of their attention to you.

So how do you permeate their consciousness? You need attack on a number of sides.

If you have read earlier posts you will know we experience the world using a number of senses. Kinaesthetic (Touch) Taste, Smell, Sound and Vision. Some people will make sense of the world with a bias to sound – they listen and understand. Some will use vision – they can watch what you do and then copy. So the way you get your message across has to reflect this – your challenge is that you are using the medium of sound only, fine for those who make sense of the world with sound not so great for the visual or smell or taste biased people.

In the next post I will suggest some ways you can write and create a campaign that will touch all your audience. (A clue - I just wrote a kinaesthetic sentence)

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