Monday, 16 May 2011

In The Zone

Save it for the stage is a famous theatrical expression, I have worked with a lot of hosts that are pretty quiet almost morose before the show, some it's true like to have a jolly chat but all spend time getting in the zone, preparing for their show.  It's important to give your presenter a bit of space. Feed them ideas but do not labour the point and most importantly find out what they want to talk about? What interests them?

There will be times when your host will flatly say 'I do not want to talk about that, I have no interest in this story.'  There are two ways to deal with this, firstly if you think the subject should be covered or there are sponsor commitments then as our American cousins would say, you need to talk them round.  Find some commonalty something that can link the subject with their personal life usually works best.  Secondly if they really do not want to do the subject do not force them to do it.

I have forced subjects upon past presenters and they tend to behave like the petulant child, sulk and make a point of doing the topic badly. But the most important thing is to make sure the energy levels are there for the on air performance.

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