Monday, 13 June 2011

Why radio ? from David Tyler

'Radio is a funny beast. Some get into it for the money and leave quickly when they realize there is no big pay day for the majority. Others get into it for the passion but are quickly drained of it because they don't fully understand the link between radio and their 'passion'. Yet others get into radio for all the 'free stuff'...but they usually have the least skill and are pushed out anyway.

Radio is an emotional medium. It's all about relationships...and requires a zeal for creating, building and maintaining relationships. (I'm talking about the intimate relationship between broadcaster and listener, not the off air political relationships of running a business, leave that to the managers)...

I got into radio to satisfy my selfish thirst for finding connection, a desire that I believe we all have, but that radio people have been able to turn into what we would call a broadcasting career.

If you're able to push out all of the distractions of 'doing radio' and focus on the intimate emotional aspect of relationship creating and building, you will flourish in it for as long as you choose to do radio.' David Tyler - David Tyler Communications Inc Canada

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