Friday, 22 February 2013

3s A Crowd

Ultimately #radio is the relationship between broadcaster (singular) and listener (singular) and adding a third person or more should be done with caution.  OK I am talking about radio shows that are interactive phone, text, social media.

When a guest is introduced they become a third person in the conversation.  It's rather like being at a party chatting away to your friend when another person bounds up and your friend suddenly ignores you and just talks to this new third person.  How very rude! But that scenario happens time and again on radio shows, when the listener is completely ignored as the host indulges the guest.

If the show does not have interactivity there is already an expectation from the listener that although they will not be included in the conversation the host will make sure to ask questions that still keeps the listener onboard and on the same journey.  Again there are hosts who might know their guest personally and start talking about irrelevant personal experiences, which again alienate the listener.

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