Friday, 10 May 2013

Most #Disgusting thing ever

If you have a weak stomach do not read on.  Witnessed yet another #revoltingact the other day, that has now beaten my previous most disgusting thing witnessed, and that was the day I was sitting in my gym same sex sauna and a guy came in stark b*llock naked - sat down and began picking and scratching at his toes.  He clearly had some sort of athletes foot problem.  Out of the corner of my eye I say him pick a crusty bit off his toe and pop it in his mouth and eat it! (I kid you not)

So what has surpassed this revolting act?  Yesterday outside Tottenham Court Rd tube a drunk/druggie was sitting legs akimbo - he had just been beer sick onto the pavement and in the few fleeting seconds I saw him, he was dabbing his finger in the sick and eating it, YUK! - but I suppose he was doing his bit for recycling.

These episodes make great material for your show, whether it be radio, YouTube or an Audio Boo, you can garner personal material and ask your listener/viewer their most disgusting thing they have ever witnessed - I guarantee it would be a winning show.

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Peter Mabbutt said...

Nooooooo! Too gross on both accounts LOL