Thursday, 12 December 2013


A second national commercial radio DAB multiplex is expected to be announced on Monday. The question of who will be the gatekeeper of such a service and more importantly what the content of a national Multiplex might contain should give the radio industry and OFCOM much to think about.  

As usual 'John Myers' has written an insightful blog about the subject: 

"A strange week in Myers land. I was asked if I’d like to join a consortium to apply for the anticipated new national DAB licence called D2, although I’ve not seen anything official from OFCOM just yet. To be honest, when asked, I had to ponder for a moment. So much has happened since the licence was first awarded to Channel 4 in 2007…"  Read the whole blog CLICK HERE 

Meanwhile (A word I hate with a vengeance and really not needed in the middle of a radio news bulletin lol) 'Radio Today' have been speaking to Arqiva who run the current MUX and favour a low-cost smaller national commercial network (not sure what that is?) 

"We’ve heard speculation that radio groups and non-radio organisations will be bidding for the chance to control the overdue digital platform, although one company already has the network to expand upon. But would an Arqiva-owned D2 be allowed in this monopoly-aware industry…? Read the whole story CLICK HERE

Whilst today the government will be clarifying the plan to switch off FM Radio (are they mad? .. no need to answer that btw) and we also see next year the new local TV stations going to air on Freeview, including London live with a budget of £15 million and is backed by the London Evening Standard, so 2014 looks an interesting year for broadening listener and viewer choice in the UK.

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